Thursday, March 14, 2019

10 Inventions in 2018-2019

I didn't know about most of these inventions. I was really interested about the smooth talking AI assistants because I have a Alexa at my house and sometimes she can be really stupid and it will take ten tries to get what I want. The most interesting invention for the world would probably be the cancer vaccines, it is always interesting to see how people are trying to cure cancer over time and hopefully this can positively affect peoples lives.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake News


 I find it hilarious that the website starts with how they can help you answer questions that you've had about your past family and where they came from. then it even goes further saying it can make it up so that anybody from history could be your ancestor. I could say with that standard that George Washington in my great great grandfather and I could get "authentic" documentation to prove it.
I could only imagine the amount of people who have actually looked this place up to see more pictures of the place. I could see someone outside of the US could take this website seriously but if you are from the US you should know the basic geography that Minnesota is not tropical at all. Even the quotes about the place are funny on the website giving no incite to what it is like there.
Just by opening the website there are links at the beginning that makes the website look unfinished.  Seeing something like that makes you suspicious by how authentic the website is. Especially when the links say illegal in them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Panorama/ Perspective

For my Panorama photo I took a photo of flags in the Boston Common on Memorial Day. I had used the same scene in a previous photo for leading lines but this photo I thought was my best panorama photo. I really like how the flags really sprawl out across the photo and you can see part of the Boston skyline behind the trees of the common. The photo gives off a really good peaceful yet patriotic mood.